Our promises

No added sugar

All Sunland products include only natural sugar.

Sustainable packaging

Our glass bottles are made of 85% recycled glass.

Fantastic taste

We make delicious juices and perfect juice blends with a special twist!

Sustainable packaging

Sunland cartons are packed in ecological, space-saving material from Tetra Pak, which reduces plastic use by a full 20%. Not only that: we have also earned the right to display the FSC logo, for our good forest management. Specifically; for every batch of cardboard we use, we plant a tree.

The glass bottles Sunland Fruit and Vegetable use are made of 85% recycled glass.

43% less CO2 emission

Our industry has undergone an enormous evolutionary jump. Thanks to the use of ice-cold glass balls, the delicious juice flavors no longer have a chance to escape. The result? Even better taste! Moreover, concentrate takes up much less transport space than crates full of juice and peels, and that dramatically reduces CO2 emissions: by 43% to be exact!

Committed to Nature

Here at Sunland, we believe that delivering top taste and top quality goes hand in hand with honoring and respecting our natural resources. We do this by working with suppliers and partners who reduce their energy and water usage year-on-year, as well as their CO2 emissions.

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